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MS Program Admission

Students who have successfully completed the Stanford Quantitative Finance Program and possess the necessary qualifications including GRE scores may apply to the Master's of Science in Management Science and Engineering graduate program (MS). They will be reviewed together with other MS applicants and will be admitted based on Stanford’s admission process. Students admitted to the MS program may complete the remainder of their studies online while working full-time which is an attractive alternative for students with strong quantitative skills and focused career interests. The entire MS program may be completed on Stanford’s campus within one year of study.

MS Program Admission

To be accepted into the MS program, candidates are expected to demonstrate a high level of intellectual curiosity, a strong interest in finance, and solid analytical skills. Though there is no specific entrance requirement, most students in the MS program will have backgrounds in quantitative disciplines such as mathematics, statistics, the physical sciences, engineering, operations research, computer science, finance, or economics. It is also expected, though not required, that applicants have work or research experience in which they have applied quantitative skills creatively.Many graduate programs in Hong Kong recognize the credits earned from the Stanford Quantitative Finance Program. For example, students can transfer up to 15 credits to the AACSB accredited University of Iowa MBA Program in Hong Kong, subject to their successful admission to the program. Whether students are admitted to the MS graduate program or not, the Stanford Quantitative Finance Certificate program gives prospective applicants a solid understanding and background in Management Science and Engineering.

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